Project VII-Day Fifteen: Snail Shell

Alright. Day 15. It had already been a long day in the studio and tacking this drawing onto the end of it was a wee bit tiring but I am glad I got to spend time with this little snail shell. Some detail was lost in the photo so I had to bust out a real-life empty snail shell I had on hand to finish up. No drawing on the planet could outshine the awesome of the real thing - I can't even wrap my brain around how many of these little guys are out there in the world.

Project VII-Day Fourteen: Grass

Day Fourteen is from a photo taken earlier this year in Idaho Springs, CO. I knelt down to look at a barely visible cactus flower and then noticed the delicate sprigs of grass that surrounded it - pure loveliness.

Project VII-Day Thirteen: Caterpillar

Lucky Day #13!

Project VII-Day Twelve: Flower

How are you so amazing little flower?

Project VII-Day Eleven: Perfect Mushroom

It was summer time and I was deep in the South Carolina woods wondering exactly how high my chances of getting lime disease were when EGADS!... I stumbled across the most perfect mushroom.

Project VII-Day Ten: Field Mouse

Ok, Day Ten...beginning to feel the strain of making time for a drawing everyday although I enjoyed sketching this little guy very much. I was doing a residency at Rensing Center in Pickens, SC in 2015. This little mouse was in my studio. He saw me and I saw him and we both EEEK-ed and quickly came to an understanding. He kindly got into a trashcan so I could relocate him back into his natural habitat which was a field just beyond the studio that housed not only mice but baby dang goats.
     Sidenote: I am realizing that many of these photos have come from residencies. Now don't think I just galavant around traipsing from one residency to the next. I've done several over the last seven years and for every one I've been accepted to there are four or five that gave me the ole "Thanks for submitting but..." letter. To this day it still blows my mind that artist residency programs even exist. They have gifted me with time to quiet down enough to focus on making…